19 January 2017
19 January 2017,

The New Year is always a very exciting time! We celebrate ‘ New Beginnings’ for many reasons and of course this is an even more exciting time if you have just got engaged or are getting married this year! Huge congratulations to you!!

We thought we’d share with you on our blog today some of the key wedding trends for 2017 and hopefully provide you with some inspiration and food for thought for  your own wedding, whether it be this year or some time ahead.


The Pantone Colour of the year for 2017 is called ‘ Greenery’ and in fact this colour does represent new beginnings due to it’s freshness and  the fact that it emulates nature’s ability to revive and rejuvenate.

Greenery is the equivalent of nature’s neutral and is a highly versatile colour as it transcends across all seasons -it also happens to be one of my favourite colours! It can easily be combined with other tones including pastels, bright shades , neutral tones and deep colours.

With this in mind foliage will feature more heavily in both floral design and other decor aspects. Succulents, eucalyptus, ferns and garlands will be in abundance & can be used to create ‘live greenery’ wall backdrops.


greenery1 .   greenery2 .   


Decor trends will encapsulate the greenery aspects mentioned above and  key for this year is really making use of the ceiling or wall space to create dramatic statement pieces. This could be in the form of hanging centre pieces  combined with effectively mixing in your lighting.

greenery4     greenery6 .   greenery5

Mixing of Textures

Mixing of different materials and textures creates more depth to your decor and brings in a fresh contemporary approach. As per the examples below this could include geometric aspects, which are big for 2017, along with natural leaves and foliage, combined with rose gold metal. This acrylic wedding signage adds a modern vibe to a barn wedding and is also suspended from the ceiling creating a new dimension. How about a unique way of displaying your escort cards? Copper mugs for a ‘moscow mule’ are displayed on a slate background , complimented with a green leaf garland. The mugs also act as a wedding favour, so are multi functional!

 .    .   

Personalising your Wedding

What will really make your wedding unique is by adding your own personal elements, which are a true reflection of your own personalities and interests. If you’ve travelled all over the world, then you could have a unique guestbook by asking guests to sign your globe, which you can then display in your home.

Designing your stationery to incorporate your personalities is an easy way to do this and can help to set the scene for the feel of your wedding.

Our music loving couple designed theirs around a music gig ticket and show line up, basing the design on the group’s album cover.


Creative Food and Drink

Being creative with your food and drink options also gives you the opportunity to be truly unique and couples are breaking away from the more traditional choices. Not only can you be imaginative with the types of food and drink you offer , but also consider unique ways of presenting them. This fabulous refurbished luxury Citroen Van was used by our couple to serve their own bespoke cocktails and having a mixologist not only provides great entertainment , but also adds a bit of drama too!  I love the way the canapes have been displayed below, using an old mirror with small vases for decoration. Variations on the more traditional canapes and evening food can include small bites with inspiration drawn from the current street food trend. The options are plentiful!


We hope this has given you some inspiration for some exciting new ideas that you may wish to incorporate your wedding day. If  you would like any help with the design aspect of your wedding then we are pleased to offer our  Design Concept Service  Please do not hesitate to contact us for any other assistance you would like with your wedding planning.

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